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While honoring the history and contributions of our Ancestors the specific purpose and mission of this nonprofit is to support and bring perpetual peace and prosperity to the Saskinax̂, known as Attuans, an Indigenous Maritime Nation whose Ancestors inhabited Saskinam Tanamlan region since time immemorial.

The Saskinax̂ people come from Atux̂ (Attu), Angatux̂, Avayax̂, Samiya, am Alaid Islands. These are the most western and eastern 5 islands in the Aleutian chain.

Map of Atux̂, Avayax̂, Alaid, Angatux̂, am Samiya ~ Islands 240 miles east of Kamchatka, Russia.

Our Ancestral Values go back Millenia and for thousands of years.

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