Mission and Values

The specific purpose and mission of this nonprofit is to support the Saskinax̂ known as Attuans, which are an Indigenous group of people whose families come from Atux̂ (Attu), Angatux̂, Avayax̂, Samiya, am Alaid Islands. These are the most western and eastern 5 islands in the Aleutian chain.

Our Values go back Millenia and for thousands of years.

  • Our Ancestors speak to us and guide us.
  • Honor our relatives small and large – we are all family.
  • Take care of your self and all of those that live.
  • Others need your help.
  • Reach out to Aĝuugux̂ for daily spirituality and peace.
  • Have gratitude for the East where the sun shines to give us life.
  • Have gratitude to be alive and then we will recognize our importance.
  • Live to your highest level for the younger generation.

Copyright Atux̂ Forever: Restoring Attuans’ Freedom 2021 All rights reserved.

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