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Tobi Iverson-Halliday is from Anacortes, Washington and served as a Tribal Partnership Specialist Team Lead for the American Indian/Alaskan Native program during the 2010 Census Bureau’s Decennial.  Tobi worked with all the tribes within Washington, Oregon, and Idaho for the AIAN outreach program.  Her success in 2010 led to her recruitment to represent the State of Washington as the Coordinator for the entire Community Engagement and Partnership program for the 2020 Census Bureau’s Decennial (the national once a decade count of everyone living in the U.S.).  

As the Census Bureau’s leader for Washington State, Tobi led a team of 27 to rank Washington State #2 in the nation for self-response rates during the 2020 Decennial.  Her passion to ensure that every person living in Washington was counted helped ensure that Washington State will receive its fair share of the billions of federal dollars funneled back to Washington for key programs that help the most vulnerable and marginalized communities in the state and tribal nations.

Tobi is a graduate from the University of Washington with a BA in Anthropology.  For 25 years Tobi has honed her skills in sales and negotiation.  She’s led sales teams to launch startup companies into the Inc 500 fastest growing companies list and been hired to mitigate companies failing sales and realign them for success.   Tobi has been a successful real estate broker in the states of Arizona, Oregon, and New Mexico.  Tobi’s sales success, both personally and as a business leader, has been useful in building a successful and robust career in various industries which she hopes will help her be a valuable contributor as a board member.   

Tobi is a member of the Tsimshian Tribe in Alaska and Northern British Columbia.  In her free time Tobi enjoys screenwriting, reading, hiking and being near the ocean.  Tobi is married to her husband John and has 3 fur babies.

John Halliday, Sasignax̂ Adoptive Nickname: Aĝaĝiyax̂ (Killer Whale)

I am versatile and multifaceted Department of Interior (DOI), Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) SPECIALIST /EXECUTIVE with progressive experience gained over 30 years with the BIA, and various other federal, state, and local Indian tribal executive positions. I have helped the Navajo Tribe, Snoqualmie Tribe, and the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe with many roles including being a Tribal Operations Manager, Chief Executive Officer. I have also taught at the University of Montana on American Political Theory, Public Policy, Native American Studies and Native American Ecological Perspectives.

I have administered public laws, rules, and regulation requirements, and court rulings relative to Indian affairs, carry out the functions of Indian tribal trust resources and other Indian resources, Natural Resources, to comply with performance goals and assess progress toward attainment of those goals. I have collegial and diplomatic interpersonal skills to foster relations and build coalitions and partnerships to build effective agreements. With my Master’s degree in Public Administration I have developed experience in: tribal governmental relations, contract negotiation, grants, P.L. 93-638, water resources, forestry, wild land fire, realty, acquisitions, law enforcement, housing, human services, human resources, economic development, fisheries and wildlife, historic preservation, credit programs and infrastructure (roads and utilities), budget, self-governance, inter-governmental policy formation, and long-range tribal government planning. My major strengths are in organizational leadership, institutional design, and staff development, strong customer liaison and communications. Successful in creating, motivating, and leading teams and managing multiple controversial projects with rapidly changing requirements and deadlines. Proven ability to build coalitions across organizations and deliver cost effective, efficient, and responsive solutions. Well-developed leading change, client interaction, and business management skills.

I received my Associate Degree in Audio and Video Production and a Bachelor of Science  Degree in Marketing & Business Management from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in 1993In 2001, I returned home to Dulce, and was hired as Enterprise Accountant in the Nation’s  Finance Department. In 2002, I was elected to serve as Legislative Council Member for the  Jicarilla Apache Nation from 2002 – 2006.  After my term in 2006, I accepted a position in the Marketing Department Public Relations  Officer for the Apache Nugget Corporation. In 2008, I began my service as Jicarilla Apache  Nation Administration Public Relations Officer and served on the New Mexico “Indian Day”, appointed by former New Mexico Governor, Bill Richardson, to serve on New Mexico’s first  ever unified effort between the State and Tribes, called the State Tribal Collaboration Act. I  represented the Nation in the various capacity of helping present, inform and lobby the Office of  Governor, State House and Senate and citizens of New Mexico with tribal communal issues,  based on my time, I was then selected to serve on a milestone unified project called the Tribal  Economic Development Board to which, I was a voting member in helping promote, create and  sustain economic development for the benefit of Tribes in New Mexico. In 2009 I was appointed to be a member of the Apache Alliance Board, a unified group consisting of nine Apache tribes located throughout  New Mexico, Arizona and Oklahoma, for the purpose of protecting and reinforcing Tribal Self  Determination and Tribal Sovereignty.  

In 2012, appointed as a key witness to testify, representing the Nation, in the Multi-Tribal  Redistricting Lawsuit to ensure that the Native American Voting Rights Act was followed during  the 2011 redistricting process which resulted in tribes winning this lawsuit and now creating the  largest voting district of tribal representation. In 2013, appointed to fill a vacant seat as Legislative Council Member for the Jicarilla Apache Nation until the 2014 election. In 2014, I was elected to serve as Legislative Council Member  for the Jicarilla Apache Nation from 2014 – 2018.  

Charles Frady was raised in Alaska. After retiring from 20 years in the United States Air Force, he stands in solidarity with the indigenous people of Alaska. With him, he brings leadership, and program management experience. He hopes his experience working with military, and government agencies will be beneficial in the progress of Atux̂ Forever. 

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