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We created this non-profit for our people for many reasons.  We have been a non-recognized group of indigenous people since contact with outside governments.  This non-profit will help us gain back the recognition that is extremely overdue. We want to be part of the Alaskan Native and Native American communities and to have a voice.  Our voice is strong and will continue to grow through this organization, Atux̂ Forever: Restoring Attuans’ Freedom.  The goal of the non-profit is to help the Sasignan, Attuans, revive their cultural heritage and to support the interests of the Sasignan. Our hope is to bring hope, healing, and a better future for all of our people. Our story will be heard – our history was eradicated and we will restore the history together.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife, Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, 2016

Ataĝil: to go to Attu. Our main goal is to go where our spirits call us, Atux̂.

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