We created this non-profit for our people for many reasons.  We have been a non-recognized group of indigenous people since contact with outside governments.  This non-profit will help us gain back the recognition that is extremely overdue. We want to be part of the Alaskan Native and Native American communities and to have a voice.  Our voice is strong and will continue to grow through this organization, Atux̂ Forever: Restoring Attuans’ Freedom.  The goal of the non-profit is to help the Sasignan, Attuans, revive their cultural heritage and to support the interests of the Sasignan. Our hope is to bring hope, healing, and a better future for all of our people. Our story will be heard – our history was eradicated and we will restore the history together.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife, Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, 2016
  • The United States government did not return our indigenous people to Attu after World War II after we were imprisoned for three years in Japan. Thus, our main objective for our people is to arrange trips to Atux̂ (Attu). We all deserve to see and experience our homeland where thousands of generations lived before us.
  • This organization will support Sasignan (Attuans) and their families to heal from the pasts’ pains.
  • This organization will be a place for cultural revival and cultural activities.
  • In general we will provide support issues of interest for the Sasignan.
  • We will always sponsor educational opportunities about World War II to various community members.

Ataĝil: to go to Attu. Our main goal is to go where our spirits call us, Atux̂.

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