Today Is #Givingtuesday2022! Please donate to Atux̂ Forever! We are revitalizing our culture. We are learning our language! And we are the only ones in the world that are speaking Saskinam tunuu! We hope to teach others in the future. Your donation will go a long way! When you donate today you are not just giving today you are giving to the next generation 🙂

We represent the 5 islands: Atux̂ (Attu), Angatux̂ (Agattu), Avayax̂ (Nizki), Samiya (Shemya), & Alaid. These islands were where we used to reside. We are revitalizing a lost culture. Feel great donating at: https://atuxforever.org/donate-to-our-efforts/

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Founder of Atux Forever: Restoring Attuans' Forever

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