Ancestral Stolen Remains Information

In 1936 an Anthropologist, Ales Hrdlicka, from the Smithsonian had dug up and took 8 human bodies from Atux̂ (Attu) Alaska. These remains are not the whole body of our family members; however, they are dismembered parts, and these include children remains.  In 2023 we hope to return these loved ones’ remains to Atux̂. The Smithsonian is not paying for their journey home.  Atux̂ Forever is fundraising to help Attuans return their loved one’s home during the Summer of 2023. These loved ones deserve to rest in peace and finally be home on Atux̂, Alaska.

We want to make this a fun event even though it is not a happy reason to gather. Please come dressed in your Halloween costumes! Some food will be available. A live auction will be there and some music to dance to!

If you want to learn more in depth of the history and the process, please follow this link our Board Member Lauren Peters, MS MA Aĝdaagux̂, Unangax̂ created: Home | Moray Dive School (

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